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Our Mission is …

To nurture and restore hope to at-risk children by providing educational, emotional, physical and spiritual support to help them reach their potential and find their purpose in life as one community locks arms and works together.

The Need

  • Many students are NOT succeeding in school.
  • Family structures are often frayed by hectic schedules or poor parenting skills.
  • Few adults are available to be consistent, positive role models.
  • Many children do not have the time for or access to recreational outlets due to financial hardship.
  • Children have difficulty developing social and life skills without life coaches or mentors.

There are many barriers in the lives of at-risk children today, such as peer pressure, learning difficulties, poor academic achievement, dysfunctional or broken homes, as well as poverty. All of these strains hurt a child’s development and can leave them with lasting health challenges. Many children lack the support that is needed to succeed in their complex and broken worlds – which is where we step in.


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